03 : Investments


  • Safira - need now jewellry DTC brand
  • Pen Store - art supplies & equipment e-com
  • Reclaimit - aftermarket SaaS for e-com/retail
  • Contentor - translation API for e-com
  • PrintGroup Nordic - customized print products e-com
  • Satchel - office subleasing marketplace
  • Binary Brains - prediction AI for retail
  • Elogistik - fulfilment center / 3pl
  • Kameo - crowdlending platform
  • Blink - last mile delivery
  • How I invest

    I'm an active advisor that partner up with PE / VC funds to invest and help companies. Many of my investments is a combination of advisor/board shares and money investments but I also do regular angel investments into companies and founders I believe in.

    What I'm looking for

    Even though I'd like to explore new territories my focus areas are DTC, e-commerce, SaaS, retailtech, marketplaces and martech. I invest all over the world but most companies I work with are based in- or have Europe as a target market.

    I'm open for board assignments for both big- and small companies, advisory roles and angel investment opportunities. Happy to work with PE/VC funds and investment firms both on DD work and to co-invest.

    How I help

    One of the key things I help the companies I'm involved with are the bridge between long-term strategic thinking and the short-term tactical operatonal focus. I'm very hands-on but also strategic which makes me a perfect bridge and helpful both in the board room and with the opertional team

    I'm very broad in many different areas and I help out with different things depending on the current need. Some of the things I can help out with both on a very hands-on way and as a strategic topic are sales, marketing, PR, communication, brand poisitioning, product, UX, conversion optimization, KPIs/metrics, organisation, fundraising, recruiting, technology and architecture, partnerships etc.