02 : About me

Anton Johansson

I'm Anton, an internet entrepreneur from Sweden. Originally from Linköping, now living in Stockholm.

CEO, founder, advisor, investor, board member etc

Built internet ventures since I was 8 years old. Now CEO + founder of Grebban, board member of several PE/VC backed companies (e-com, DTC, SaaS), angel investor in 10+ startups and advisor to both startups, PE / VC funds and larger companies.

E-commerce, DTC, SaaS & Marketplaces

While I've built and been part all kinds of online businesses e-commerce have always been a core focus. E-commerce is such a huge space and I've been fortunate to worked with it from all kinds of roles the last 15 years - building e-com companies myself, selling SaaS and retailtech towards e-com businesses, building marketplaces, building SaaS companies in the retailtech space and of course work on several boards of e-com companies and providers and making investments into the space.

I'm a very hands-on detail oriented person that knows the latest tactics but also very strategic and high-level thinking. This is a key strenght for me when advising and working with e-commerce and DTC companies both on boards, as a consultant and with different stakeholders. The combination of being a hands on help for the operational management and combine that with strategic work with boards- and owners are a key focus of mine.

Board Member of

  • Safira - need now jewellry DTC brand
  • Pen Store - art supplies & equipment e-com
  • Reclaimit - aftermarket SaaS for e-com/retail
  • Contentor - translation API for e-com

Angel investor/advisor

  • PrintGroup Nordic - customized print products e-com
  • Satchel - office subleasing marketplace
  • Binary Brains - prediction AI for retail
  • Elogistik - fulfilment center / 3pl
  • Kameo - crowdlending platform

Notable previous experience

  • CEO / founder Osom - p2p mobile marketplace
  • CEO/ founder Alltid - flat rate energy
  • CMO/CPO Twingly - blog search
  • Chairman/founder Dot Sure - paid social agency
  • Board of Flattered (DTC brand), Reco (recommendation engine) among others
  • E-com podcast "Ehandelspodden" w more than 5000+ listeners/episode
  • Blogger since 2004

Work with me

I'm open for board assignments, advisory roles, due diligence work, angel investment opportunities, speaking gigs, podcast/blog interviews etc.